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This is december_clouds from LJ, kept the same name (though I thought about changing it!). Just copying my LJ entries from LJ to here as a precaution.

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Mar. 11th, 2011 06:37 pm
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Thoughts and prayers to all of those in Japan right now. I'm pleased to have heard from every single person I know in Japan (from people I haven't talked to in like two years to people to people I talk to most days) and their families are OK. But lots of other people... :(

If anyone wants updated news, Maki from Just Hungry/Bento is translating like crazy:
And has lots of good info otherwise.

Anyway, I had NO FARKING IDEA the earthquake happened until after 1:30PM, I called Japan Centre and managed to get my An An but I felt like a derp afterwards. I was at work like D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:
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Seein' as how I copied this from a Japanese meme, I see what you did there, and I'm not answering your question.

Yesterday I went to a focus group and talked about perfume for three hours and made £90. Everyone was nice and chatty, I think it was a lot of fun.

While I was in the middle of cooking something rather complex (spinach, salmon, carrots, and Japanese rice all at the same time) the Employment Agency called and they were like "Do you want a temporary job, Finance/Admin" and I said as long as the finance isn't too hard, so they called back after 10 minutes and said it wasn't. Then they just gave it to me. o_O I start on Monday for four weeks. I find I am very suspicious of this quick job. *makes suspicious face*

At least this way I can justify buying the PSP Metal Gear.

SCHOOL!! 6 has been subtitled and is out which is making me want to do cartwheels.

Anyone on my list trade Japanese dramas?
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This is a hard question! I say things like "tons" and "loads" and "massive" instead of saying huge and my mother lolz every time I say "as well." (As in "I'm going to the store but I'm going to the library as well" instead of saying "I'm going to the library too.")

I caught myself saying "quid" instead of "pounds" after being here for a week once!! Hahahahaha. I probably go between quid and pounds equally.

Half the time I say elevator, the other half lift. I don't say "to mah to" though because I think it makes me sound pretentious.

I think it's hard to tell sometimes, I'm unaware of using British slang and British English and I actually am.

"Reckon" is one of those funny words that you hear in British English (and perhaps Australian, I don't know) as well as Southern English but I never said it even when I was in The South! But I use it sometimes now.

My mother thinks I have an English accent but I don't and neither does my best friend. I think I sound as American as the day I left!! And I still use lots of exclamation points too!!! I think I've gotten into more of a Southern as opposed to Midwestern accent though. I still pronounce pin and pen the same way.
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When I first got here I hated all English food. I'd go out on weekends to eat Chinese or Japanese. Seriously, some of the smell of the food here made me gag, especially lamb. When I pass by the roast pork stand in Birmingham I have to hold my nose sometimes. :(

But food that I like that I used to hate:

1. Mince pies
Oh good God. Morrisons* was making Mince Pie Danishes for about a month after Christmas. They were soooo goood.

2. Roast pork (occasionally but get sick of fast)

3. Crisps/Potato Chips (occasionally)

4. Coffee

5. Cherry flavored stuff

On a sort of related note, my Chinese friend took me out for a meal and we had squid. Sooo gooood. It was like squid tempura almost. I could eat that every day.

I still dislike:

1. Steak and kidney anything
2. Most "curries"
3. Liver, tripe, and marmite (smelling any of these make me gag)

*Morrisons = English supermarket
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Yesterday one of my senior co-workers decided she wanted me (the only American) to make the phone calls to customers to let them know we had an item. The first call went like this.

Me: Hello, may I speak to (customer's name on order phone)
Customer: Yes, this is Customer!
Me: I'm calling from (Store) in Solihull, to let you know that...
Customer: Wha... what? Can you repeat that?
Me: I'm calling from (Store)--
Customer: (Surprised) Are you American?
Me: Ah, yes...
Customer: Are you calling from England!? (I think she thought they were hiring Americans in the US to call customers to tell them an item is in...?)
Me: Er, yes, I'm standing in the store now.
Customer: Wau, sounds like you're speaking double dutch* to me!
Me: Um, well, just to let you know your order is here.
Customer: Oh! Alright then, I'll come pick that up (later in the week).

*Double dutch, according to one of my English co-workers is slang for "I can't understand what you're saying."

Well, I thought I always had decent diction but oh well. I get the "Are you American!?" thirty times daily always followed with a "why on earth did you move to England?" speech. I'm partially glad that Friday is my last day because I'm tired of answering the question as to why I'd rather be in dreary, boring, filthy England instead of 100% warm, sunny, and always wonderful USA!
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I took this picture in January when I was in Japan:

It's a little big )

I can't tell, is it Goong?

I didn't post any other Japan pictures because I looked utterly horrible there, my skin was super x 3 dry and I felt yucky, so I didn't want to see anyone or talk to anyone and we had no money. Next time we'll go back in a less cold month so my eczema doesn't freak out.
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This time I really am free. HURRAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Independence!!!!!!!
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Anyone got any decent book recommendations? Anyone ever read anything by Edogawa Ranpo?
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Ghostwriter to download, watch online:

I'm at the library and I can't link anything, don't want to make this private just in case I can't log onto LJ.
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GO OBAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to my friend who sent me a text at 6:15AM telling me what happened cuz the internets is broken at home (along with bank account, bag and other stuff).

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I'm watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics, it's almost 3PM here and it's been on for a while, I can't imagine all the people in the western hemisphere who have to get up at like 6 and 7AM to watch it. o.o

I saw Japan a while ago, but I haven't seen the US or the UK, those are my three teams for this year.

I feel so happy for some of these countries, some of them are just now getting to the Olympics for the first time and hoping to win their first medal, I wish everyone could get something.

Oh there's Canada! Time to watch some more...
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To anyone who is on birth control (and it has helped you out) please post here:

The Pill Saves. This site is in protest to the website the pill kills.
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To [ profile] miss_dian (a late one!) and [ profile] yaten_k
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*THE* earthquake was a couple of days ago. I was in bed with Simon and I felt the earth move. I didn't actually realize it was an earthquake until someone asked me the next morning if I felt the earthquake. I was like... oh yeah, that's right, haha. It's so funny because I'm one of those people who freaks out about everything.

If you wanna know what it was like... well it was just like on TV with the rumbling and noise and everything. TV got something right!

I did *thirty-five* hours of overtime between Feb 4th - Feb 27th. It's like another week of work. My aim this month / next month is forty! Anyway, no work tomorrow, I'm going in on Sunday instead.

In other news, the little Henry cat had to be put to sleep. He was such a good cat, well mannered, funny, and very forgiving. The last time I saw him, he was looking at me after I called him a good cat. His tail was moving back and forth, he was sad because he was sick, but happy because he was glad to be with us. :) I was really said earlier this week but I feel a lot better about it now.

Little Henry sticking his tongue out. )
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Boston International Airport, Wednesday night:

Elderly Woman: So! I went to Japan to visit my son in May. His wife is Japanese and used to be an exchange student at our house. That's how they met! Now my son speaks fluent Japanese. He has two kids.

Me: That's neat!

E Woman: So what are you doing in England?

Me: Going to live.

E Woman: Wow. You're traveling alone huh? I don't know if I could ever do anything like that.

Me: ...

E Woman: So, do most places in England just accept American money?

Me: ...

The most amazing thing about this woman was that she knew Birmingham was the second largest city in England. She's the first random American person I've met who has ever heard of Birmingham.

Can I have some more? )
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Ghostwriter on VHS. Too bad they aren't on DVD. I am thinking of buying them anyway.
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You scored as British.

Which European nationality should you have
created with</table>

I took this test entirely honest too, there were only four or five questions that I could definately identify with a certain country. The results made me chuckle.
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