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Boston International Airport, Wednesday night:

Elderly Woman: So! I went to Japan to visit my son in May. His wife is Japanese and used to be an exchange student at our house. That's how they met! Now my son speaks fluent Japanese. He has two kids.

Me: That's neat!

E Woman: So what are you doing in England?

Me: Going to live.

E Woman: Wow. You're traveling alone huh? I don't know if I could ever do anything like that.

Me: ...

E Woman: So, do most places in England just accept American money?

Me: ...

The most amazing thing about this woman was that she knew Birmingham was the second largest city in England. She's the first random American person I've met who has ever heard of Birmingham.

Woman at bank (who works there): Do you like soccer? If not, you're going to have to love it! You're moving to England! Everyone watches and loves soccer there!

Huh. I seem to have forgotten Americans think they know everything about everything.

Random person: So you're moving to London, huh?

Me: But I'm not moving to London. I'm moving to England.

Random person: Oh. Ohhhhh okay. So how far is ____________ from London.

Me: About 3 hours.

Random person: So, do they have (extremely common thing found in all countries) in England?

Me: Yep.

Random person: Really? I thought (extremely common thing found in all countries) was invented in the US.

Me: ...
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