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Today's journal discussion will be about one of the worst instituions of all time: The Group Project

The Group Project - known as the Seventh Level of Hell in some groups - has been a long time, outstandingly difficult and evil institution in the schools systems of the world. Each year, unassuming groups of youngsters and adults alike are pitted together in small groups and forced to work on something that they know little about using little time and few resources.

This institution begins at the first part of education as something simple - sharing toys. You want the blocks. Little Ty'mot'tee also wants the blocks. You got to the blocks first, dammit. The teacher comes by and says share! Work together!

And it begins.

Each year, individuals known as lecturers, teachers, professors and other educational professionals spend countless hours thinking of inviduals who would never so much as think to talk to each other - in class or out - and brings them together in a challenging match known as the group.

Today, I regret to inform you, livejournal friends and non-friends alike who are reading this that, yes, I have been CHOSEN! I have been thrown into a pit of fire and there's no way out but to ask someone else for help! Yes, I, simple modest unassuming me, have been assigned into a group. Not just any group. This is the group of uncertain evil! The group of doom!!! These guys look like rejects from a bad Japanese school dorama. All of them. Are guys. Threatening big guys.

It's already started off in a bad way - when we got together we looked at each other for about ten minutes without talking. THEN when we had to give each other our e-mail addresses, I was the one who handed out the paper. Why should I have to give out MY paper!?

The way I see it, the only way out is doing all the work myself. Yes, this weekend is going to be a long one. Break out the caffeine and the Japanese headbands, everyone!!! I am going to do a power point presentation! In the words of Yankumi from Gokusen: FIGHTTO! Oh!


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