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ATTENTION friends list: This does NOT apply to anyone on the list - this is just a screened entry so that people from another community can post their e-mails. It's very lovely that some of you have volunteered, but everyone that has isn't able to help me out on my project. Thanks anyway.

This entry is for anyone interested in helping out for my school project. Just leave your e-mail here. All comments are screened. Thanks in advance for your help.

Edit: Surveys will be sent out between Wednesday 19 April and 21 Friday April. Thanks. =D
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... but this is the best idea for a site ever.

They're also starting "Don't date her, man" sometime soon. There are two people listed for my city. XD XD
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Most of the time, I like a good troll in the morning with a side of a good funny picture and an intelligent come back. My favourite types are religious zealots who force their opinion on others and people who don't know what they're talking about but because they met one person who is from group X, then they know them all!!

The most boring troll comes in the form of someone who channels one with Tourette's Syndrome. A string of random, nonsense cuss words is not funny, nor is it cute. It's even stupider when they call you names like "fag" - using a derogatory name for a homosexual as a basic insult. Derogatory names and cuss words are often the first resort of the inarticulate. Then they go brag to all three of their friends and post their adventures on other lj communities. Their other friends cheer them on at their intelligence and genius because they - internet troll - have infiltrated a rant community!

First of all, why would you troll? Second of all, why would you troll a rant community? There's a teeny, tiny space on the web for people who want to rant about something, and that makes you act like an enraged idiot? That's sad in so many ways.

It was nice of the troll to get his friends to compare us to the KKK too. Because you know, we want to purify the world of people who aren't like us.

If anyone is really curious about the post (and adjacent posts at other communities) feel free to comment.
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Happy late birthday, [ profile] hiironomiko!
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Today's journal discussion will be about one of the worst instituions of all time: The Group Project

The Group Project - known as the Seventh Level of Hell in some groups - has been a long time, outstandingly difficult and evil institution in the schools systems of the world. Each year, unassuming groups of youngsters and adults alike are pitted together in small groups and forced to work on something that they know little about using little time and few resources.

This institution begins at the first part of education as something simple - sharing toys. You want the blocks. Little Ty'mot'tee also wants the blocks. You got to the blocks first, dammit. The teacher comes by and says share! Work together!

And it begins.

Each year, individuals known as lecturers, teachers, professors and other educational professionals spend countless hours thinking of inviduals who would never so much as think to talk to each other - in class or out - and brings them together in a challenging match known as the group.

Today, I regret to inform you, livejournal friends and non-friends alike who are reading this that, yes, I have been CHOSEN! I have been thrown into a pit of fire and there's no way out but to ask someone else for help! Yes, I, simple modest unassuming me, have been assigned into a group. Not just any group. This is the group of uncertain evil! The group of doom!!! These guys look like rejects from a bad Japanese school dorama. All of them. Are guys. Threatening big guys.

It's already started off in a bad way - when we got together we looked at each other for about ten minutes without talking. THEN when we had to give each other our e-mail addresses, I was the one who handed out the paper. Why should I have to give out MY paper!?

The way I see it, the only way out is doing all the work myself. Yes, this weekend is going to be a long one. Break out the caffeine and the Japanese headbands, everyone!!! I am going to do a power point presentation! In the words of Yankumi from Gokusen: FIGHTTO! Oh!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] thingwraith!!

Happy wedding and honeymoon, [ profile] redrosebeetle!!
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right here

Say it with me now: It's fun to stay at the J-A-I-L! J-A-I-L!
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[ profile] karnythia I've sent you an e-mail if you're here to see the answer to the community question. :)
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Some *actual* names that people give their children, found in an LJ community:


Why would you name your child LOMEIN!?!?!? WHY!! Why would you name it SHESPERFECT?! Please explain this to me someone. It's not even 8AM. It's too early to deal with this mess.
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Every day since Thursday has been absolutely awful, especially today.

I really don't understand it, why is all this stuff happening now?


Sep. 11th, 2005 09:38 am
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Happy birthday [ profile] wavy!
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Memoirs of a Geisha trailer

I must admit, I'm excited to see it. :)

Time to go take my test given by Safari Man. He sounds more like Kermit the frog every day.
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Since Mr. GTOhtani choose to write about his professors, I will write about mine too. I started University again last Monday.

Introduction to Computers with Mini.

Mini is from India. She has long hair. I can understand everything she says. Her class is going to be okay. Except for that group work thing.

Africa to 1800 or something like that with Teacher's name I can't pronounce

Teacher's Name I Can't Pronounce is from South Africa. He speaks clearly. His class is going to be okay, except for those MASSIVE PAPERS OF DOOM AND EVIL that are due through out the semester.

Cultural Anthroplogy with Safari Man from Africa who wears Khakis

I can't pronounce Safari man's name either. He dresses in the mismatched khaki clothes of someone on a safari. He looked like he happened to wonder in from a grassy plain to the classroom or something. He also wants us to do group work. I freaking hate group work.

I am currently working at a college bookstore again until the end of the month. I think I've updated everything. That is all.
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Happy Birthday Amanda! (Late or early...?)

I just found out that in one of my classes, we have to do group projects.

Why don't I just go ahead and do all the work now, and then take none of the credit?

I freaking hate group projects. >_>
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There are two people on my list that tagged me for the favourite song thing. I hope you guys didn't think I was ignoring you. *hides*

I'm not going to tag anyone back (!) because everyone on my list has done this, some five or more times. Some even threaten violence to those who try to tag them.

List 6 six of your current favorite songs (no order):

1. "Hunter" by Dido (old song. Is that what it's called?)
2. "The Ghost in my room" L'arc~en~Ciel
3. "Inori" by Cocco
4. "Go back to China" by Quruli
6. One song that Simon put on a cd for me but I forgot the name of it.

I haven't heard any new songs in ages, especially Japanese ones. :(

About school: appears to be a very strong possibility that I'll be going back by August.

A Japanese band played here in my Loathesome Little Southern City. They're actually from England. They sing in English. I found out about the concert two days afterward. Tickets were $5. They played seven blocks from where I live at a cafe I love. Everytime I think about that, I die a little. However, Simon told me we could see them in England anytime.

I'm having a difficult time communicating how I feel and people are having even more difficulty understanding me. I asked a lady at a college information meeting when we would be getting our IDs, e-mail addresses, etc. and she said she had no clue what I meant. I didn't think the question was that hard to comprehend but maybe it was the way I worded it.

I think I'll read Dance, Dance, Dance by Murakami Haruki again.

Fifty people have joined my community. That makes me feel positive.
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This is an entry about Buddhism for [ profile] mackatlaw, [ profile] lost_logic and the former LJ user known as Safox if she's interested. The title of the thread was "How Buddhism saved your life."

Of course many others may want to read it, it's just a matter of finding it interesting. ^^;

From the Buddhism Community )
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The good things about spring & summer:

1. Air conditioning
2. Going into a restaurant when it's hot outside and walking into the air conditioning
3. Going to the movies (which has air conditioning)
4. When it rains
5. The wind
6. When it gets cool (one day out of the entire summer)
7. Every day gets closer to winter. Like my dad said, when I complained about summer - "Winter is just a short time away."

Don't look at me like that. I'm dark skinned, I attract heat. I don't *need* to get any darker, my hair doesn't need to sizzle, my back doesn't need to sweat anymore. Oh well, at least part of my hair will red like it does every year about this time.

My adventures in Buddhism - basically written for mackatlaw )


Apr. 13th, 2005 06:09 pm
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I'm now the owner and moderator of a community called [ profile] family_rants. I've been wanting to do this for a while. I was a member of family_sucks but that died. ;-;
The community is for people to talk about immediate, extended, step, in-laws, basically anyone in their family who is annoying.

I don't expect any of you to join, this is just one of those "Wow, I actually made a community, isn't that cool!" posts. And yes, I'm going to promo it at [ profile] ljcommunities, [ profile] community_promo and all those other communities.


Apr. 11th, 2005 09:34 am
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Few things are better than being broke and $5 dollars that you didn't know you had.

^___^ Happy Monday!
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An e-mail in my inbox tells me class is canceled. I usually don't read my juno mail since it's for school and my professor sends things like: burr, cold out today! and be sure to do your work! But it just so happens that I was at the library with my Mum after going to the IRS and having them prepare my taxes. (For free.)

I'm going to consider myself lucky, I usually take a bus out there, and I would've been angry to have spent an hour there waiting for the bus to come back, wasting money.

This means I have a long weekend but I'm unsure of what to do with my time...

Rants about Greensboro, Yogurt, and Coffee )
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