Feb. 29th, 2008

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*THE* earthquake was a couple of days ago. I was in bed with Simon and I felt the earth move. I didn't actually realize it was an earthquake until someone asked me the next morning if I felt the earthquake. I was like... oh yeah, that's right, haha. It's so funny because I'm one of those people who freaks out about everything.

If you wanna know what it was like... well it was just like on TV with the rumbling and noise and everything. TV got something right!

I did *thirty-five* hours of overtime between Feb 4th - Feb 27th. It's like another week of work. My aim this month / next month is forty! Anyway, no work tomorrow, I'm going in on Sunday instead.

In other news, the little Henry cat had to be put to sleep. He was such a good cat, well mannered, funny, and very forgiving. The last time I saw him, he was looking at me after I called him a good cat. His tail was moving back and forth, he was sad because he was sick, but happy because he was glad to be with us. :) I was really said earlier this week but I feel a lot better about it now.

Little Henry sticking his tongue out. )


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